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Mr & Mr Ford proudly Present


The overall theme for our short films was the seductive allure of moral certainty vs the deeply unsexy, messy middle ground.

Centrism is sexy

No its most certainly not.   It’s messy and conflicted, wears a cardigan and looks like Angela Merkel.   But the only way to achieve lasting progress is to wade in there and engage with it.

EDITOR:  Christian Gordine TRACK: In The Middle by Kazaky

He's Not the messiah

Fanaticism starts with a fan and ends with deification.  No one is a messiah, we are all just naughty boys trying hard not to have to think for ourselves….

EDITOR:  Christian Gordine TRACK: One Vision by Queen

Look What You Made Me Do

Oh Dolores, queen of absolute certainty, who instinctively knows she is simply better than everyone else.   We all know a Dolores, we’ve all had her as a teacher or the mean girl who sneered and bullied us.   And we all know Taylor Swift…..

EDITOR:  Christian Gordine TRACK: Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift

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