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Mr & MR Ford proudly Present

Our Anti-Christmas parties have become something of a tradition.  This year (2017) we decided to take it up a notch and hire out an amazing underground dungeon for the event The Bunker London.


The Blood Ball was, to all extents and purposes, a Slytherin House Party.   What fascinated us with the Harry Potter Slytherin House was their obsession with purity.   No filthy mudbloods, no squibs, no pathetic muggles.


We wanted it to be a fun exploration of how this extremist, purist ideology is so prevalent – and seductive – to the left as well as the right.


And this we did through poster-art, flash-mob, short films, lyrically mutated songs and even a poem.  We like to think it was more than just a party, it was a Happening.   And if all that sounds a bit beatnik, that’s because you’re old.   But bless you for not calling it Hipster.  Anything but hipster.


All of these we achieved with our fabulous Factory of friends:  performers Dusty Limits, Vanity von Glow, Alfie Ordinary and Lydia La Scabies; director and editor Christian Gordine, make-up supremo Luke Harris and techno-maverick Nick Blackburn all of whom offered their service for (as Dusty put it) “Shits and Giggles”.


We’re glad to say there were plenty of giggles but a London-wide cocaine shortage meant that the shits were thankfully limited.


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