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The Kooples advertising campaign represents the very epitome of the Shoreditchification of London:  Trying so damn hard to be urban, cool and cutting edge yet utterly white and utterly straight.    A bit like Russell Brand.   But with a haircut. 


It’s cynical, whitewashing, homo-erasing high street retail hiding behind a beard.


So we thought we’d take the notion and……well…..queer it up a little for old time’s sake……..


We remade the ads featuring famous gay couples of yesteryear.  And because they are all from yesteryear, they all killed each other or otherwise came to a sticky end.  Because the existence of gay couples wasn’t even legal back then.   We may have recognition now but we also have a leader of the free world who wants to turn back the clock.   And Kooples shouldn’t be helping him.

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