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It may not have escaped your attention that Jason has fangs.   He has long held an interest in all things vampiric.   And I have long held an interest in all things predatorily gay.   


Both were predicated in sucking the life force out of the young and the innocent.   In fact, we have a theory that it was Lord Byron’s sodomistic world tour that gave his travelling companion and doctor, Dr Polidori the inspiration to write the first vampire novel.


But what we wanted to show in this film was that this exchange of fluids and emotions was for more than a one-way, exploitative relationship.    In fact, it is a balance of three.   We may extract the chi (aka cum) from our young progeny but what they get in return is the benefit of our life-experience, wisdom and nurture.   And between Jason and I, our relationship is enhanced by the feeling that we are propagating our species - exposing our young disciples to both the light and the dark of life and thus equipping them with the tools they need to take on the burdens of adulthood.    And like every parent. everytime we do this, our love and our bond for each other is strengthened, not threatened.


Ultimately it’s a love story between a couple for whom love and sex sit in two separate corners.   


Many thanks too, to our friends Mike Christie for his exquisite direction (he made this as one of two films as a wedding present), the Pet Shop Boys for generously allowing us to use their track and to Dorian Black for his sublime vocals.


Oh and by the way - the location?   We built it ourselves and used to live there!

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