When so many revert to the safe, insipid and predictable, Mr and Mr Ford have decided to live beyond the security blanket of normality because they dare to ask “Why”, then, “Why not”.  They refuse to accept societal rules just because we’re told we should.  So for those that want nice, conventional, middle class, trigger free conversation and art, avoid Mr and Mr Ford, stay at home, watch TV and keep wrapping yourself in cottonwool.

Lloyd Newson, OBE

Creative Director of DV8

Mark Ford


Spent the nineties and noughties both terrorising and titillating late night tv viewers as one half of the partnership behind Rapido TV, with shows such as Eurotrash and The Girlie Show as well as allowing Camille Paglia to take a scalpel to the penis in art in The Penis Unsheathed and Graham Norton to pull an overpackaged and overpriced rainbow flag out of the butt of gay culture in Pride Divide. 


He developed and produced Channel Four’s celebrity packed party to celebrate the Coming Out of their guest of honour, Ellen DeGeneres, discovered and/or developed the early careers of Graham Norton, Eddie Izzard, Johnny Vaughan and Sara Cox and has also worked with Ice T, Sandra Bernhardt, Jean Paul Gaultier and Waldemar Januszczek.


Jason Ford


Jason Ford (nee Woodson) is a London-based Anglo-Austral-Afro-American multimedia artist. This multicultural background, growing up in the US and Australia and his life in the UK, informs much of Ford’s work. Working within the themes of appropriation and identity, masculinity and gender variance, the clash of societal norms and individual desires; he has exhibited his work in solo and group shows across the world as well as having been featured in Time Out, Huffington Post, the Advocate, OUT and Light Leaks.


In the beginning of 2015, Ford’s work was included in the group show, Irreverent at the Leslie Lohman Museum alongside works by two of his heroes, David Wojnarowicz and Robert Mapplethorpe as well as Andres Serrano.

For Jason's solo work, click here