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We are living through an era of Fin de Siècle faggotry:  our bars are closing, our nightclubs are empty and everyone’s sitting at home naked, impotent, lonely and shooting up crystal meth.


Well not at the House of Ford!   We’re determined to bring a bit of life, fun and stupidness back into the gay scene - even if we have to host the parties in our own flat.    You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a great party - you just have to be creative.    That’s what gays have always done.   Jason and I come from a generation which went by the mantra ‘better dance tonight ‘cos you could be dead tomorrow’.


Nowadays we no longer stare at the face of death in the mirror.   Just a mask of self-pity.   So time to rip that blame-externalising pouty face off and rediscover your inner happy face and go dancing.   Dumb, fun, stupid, playful dancing.   At parties created by friends for friends.    And their friends too.  


Because life just keeps getting better.   And if you’re not feeling that, you’re the only one that can do anything about it.   Dancing is a political act.

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