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Dirty Laundry was a combined Wedding Reception / Cabaret / Art Exhibition - all designed to make a powerful statement about gay marriage and its expectations.     A lot of our more radical queer friends felt gays should not marry at all – they feared that their special little snowflakeyness would melt away under the heat of heteronormality.   Whereas we tended to agree more with the Christian Right when they cried that Gays getting hitched would change the nature of marriage forever.    


The only difference being is that we think it will change it for the better.


We called it Dirty Laundry because:


a. It was based in a nightclub called The Laundry (because that was what it used to be)




b. It was very dirty


We decided that if we were going to get married it was going to be on our terms, our rules and that we were going to be totally up front about it.     The whole thing was designed for us to air our dirty laundry and yet receive the blessing and support of our friends and family.    A marriage based on secrets and lies is no marriage at all.


Jason and I have an open relationship - not because our own sex life has broken down but because our being open and playful and honest enhances our own sex life.


Sex is just another appetite to us.   Sometimes we want dinner a deux, other times a banquet and still other times we just want to grab a takeaway.     It’s all good.


The cabaret element of the night was hosted by the extraordinarily talented and great friend, Dusty Limits with performances from Tina C, Lance Horne, DV8 Physical Theatre and David Hoyle.


Champagne and Christian Pizza was served by boys in the buff and the night ended with a pure smoke-and-mirror-ball blast of solid seventies disco (replete with our own dark room).


Jason arrived on a white horse and we left in a taxi that drove all the way into the venue to pick us (and the boy of our choice) up.    We hope shortly to have segments of this night on video to share but in the meantime all we have as proof are the pics below.


The other element of the night was an art exhibition which we divided up into the four elements you see below.

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