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Where better to host a celebration of our closeted old gay ways than the gent’s toilet.   All visitors (and there were a lot - the Champagne was flowing) were treated to a lecture-tutorial on the lost art of cottaging by Jed O'Sullivan, Popular Culture Critic (aka performance artist Chris Green) - including the importance of bringing an empty shopping bag so your new toilet stall buddy can put his feet in the bag and any police inspection would only see one pair of feet under the door.


O'Sullivan also had many useful tips on the etiquette of touching the penis wavering around in the unreal next to you and how many shakes are required before it becomes a wank?


So many lost rituals - preserved thanks to the pioneering academic works of O'Sullivan.


Also on display as part of Something Old were the series of portraits we call Sticks and Stones.


And an audio-video piece called  Comedy Eunuchs.

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