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Anyone old enough to remember these limp-wristed comedy fops will probably wince to see them now.  Anyone too young will probably just blink in amazement.


And yet, like their parallel in the black rights movement, the Nigger Minstrels, our Comedy Eunuchs had their place.   Julian and Sandy, Mr Humphries, Mr Honky Tonks might not fulfil the thrusting sexual stereotype we prefer to promote now.    But they were harmless, sexually unthreatening, vulnerable, strangely brave and always funny (both peculiar and ha ha).


They’re how we went from unspeakable sodomite to funny friend.


Not exactly role models, perhaps, but heroes nonetheless. 


The actual piece (reconfigured digitally here) consists of a large wooden frame with 12 digital screens inserted (see image).   All 12 screens are playing different scenes starring from these comedy campsters.


The result is a visual and audio overload.   A cacophony of “I’m Free’s” and “Hello Honky Tonks”.    The noises that reverberated around a nervous, pre-pubescent, pre-gay boy’s head, threatening to be his future.   

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