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My life’s journey is marked upon my body

Like the craters and canals seen from the Heavens


Everyone ink is a story,

Every crease is a line of joy to my heart

And every scar is a battle fought for love


I feed of the Sun.  And Sex and Experience.


I have known pleasure and pain in equal measure

For to hurt is to be alive.


I am Prometheus, Chained and Unchained

The hunter whose heart feeds his prey


Unchained I will impale you, devour you

Strip you and tie you

Reach inside for the guts you feared would desert you.


I will cut you and and crack you

Break you and remake you anew

Make you hard in defiance

Soft in compliance

By force unleash your essence of lust

Extracted in fear, surrendered in love


Then again I will hurt you

Until you know in spleen and bowel, heart and groin

That to hurt is to be alive


But chained I am changed, compromised, conquered

Bound by the love for the man who owns my heart

Yet, on a whim,

Rips it open and feeds it to others


His ownership is inked upon my body

Our story is his to tell

If you find me chained I am to be tortured and tested

Forever I must prove my devotion

My hurt is his healing

And you are the agent of my pain for his pleasure


I will be naked and humbled

Tethered and torn open

So he can see your conquest, my humiliation

Is his devotion


Do not release me from these chains

Never release me from these chains


I chose them.  I chose him.  I chose pain.


For to love is to hurt


And to hurt is to be alive

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