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As artists, we’ve long held that the fight must always be for the middle ground. From the lofty heights of the moral high ground, it’s so easy to lose site of that. So much more comfortable to nestle amongst your algorithmically chosen group of agreeable Facebook friends than to wade into the messy middle.


And that’s how we ended up with Brexit. And Trump.


In gay terms, we worry that our new hard won advances have induced in us a feeling that right is naturally on our side.   We can’t be racist, we’re gay.  Anyone who questions us is clearly homophobic. Even comedy - whose very existence relies upon risk and dubious taste - needs to be vetted, policed and fed through the dehumouriser. 


How quickly the bullied become the bullies.


The Rainbow Reich was a series of loud, sloganeering pronouncements with a subversive undertow.   Not intended to change the world, merely to question what increasingly feels like the unquestionable and mock the unmockable.


All this to our updated version of YMCA which intravenously needles the self-proclaimed and increasingly self-righteous ‘chemsex community’.  Sung fiercely by Troy Wear and produced by the masterful Ian Masterson. Thanks fellas x

YMCA 2015 - Troy Wear
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