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We did a thing

Note: Written the day after our wedding

As you may know, I'm a man of few words. About the events of last Saturday I shall say only this: We did a thing :)

The love Jason and I have for each other is infinite, without end. Anyone obsessing over the fact that we have a little love left over that we chose to share with others is really missing the point.

No-one missed the point on Saturday. But the one thing we hadn't planned for, couldn't have anticipated, was the outpouring of love and affection we felt within the room. For that we are deeply moved and humbled.

I've spent a lifetime behind the spotlight not in front of it and I shall now happily return to that comfort zone. But that's not to dismiss my one magical day, spent with the man I love and all of our friends and family. A day in which I was truly dazzled by the affection, love and generosity of spirit of all the wonderful people in our lives.

I sometimes struggle with sincerity but all I have to offer right now is a profound thank you to all those that helped make that one day so special.

Written in my Upper Class couchette, four martinis in, on our way to Las Vegas.


Mf xx

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