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Note: the week before Trump won the election, Susan Sarandon and Vivienne Westwood were publicly encouraging people to vote third party

Dear Susan Sarandon

Fuck you.

Fuck your smug, self-righteous “I can’t bring myself to vote for Hilary” privileged elitism. Fuck you for encouraging ‘people of conscience (aka white people with enough privilege to live on that comfortable moral high ground) to vote third party.

If everyone who voted third party (and yes I know that includes the weirdy Libertarian as well as the Green) had voted for Hilary, she would have won.

Instead we have 4 years of a demagogue with dementia leading a party who control both houses and will undoubtedly appoint 2, possibly three right wing judges to the Supreme Court.

Which means:

  • kiss goodbye to gay marriage

  • back to backstreet abortions

  • Black Lives Matter? Not any more

Happy now? Sleeping well now? I hope you never sleep again. Politics is NEVER the high ideals at either end of the spectrum, it is about comprise and debate and argument and brokering a deal with your worst enemy for the good of the country. It is all debated, argued and sometimes fought in the mucky middle. That place you never want to go to lest you get your precious untainted hands dirty.

Hilary knew that. Know why? Because, for all her flaws (and there were many) she knew the system, she knew how to work within it. And because she’s smarter than you. So. Much. Fucking. Smarter. Than. You. Because your are literally a simpleton so stupid that you think everything would be fine as long as everyone agreed with you. That’s not democracy, that’s dictatorship.

Oh, and while we’re at it….

Dear Dame Vivienne Westwood

Fuck you. You want to wage into politics and tell us not to vote for Hilary? You want to lecture us on how we should be living our lives? Well give back your damehood and sign over the profits from your vacuous, exploitative company (that you never even designed for anyway, you talentless, empty-headed little gobshite) then maybe we’ll listen.

Meantime fuck off home and knit yourself an organic cardigan or something.

Politics is complicated. We have Brexit and Trump because we have started to listen to people on both extremes of the political spectrum who have tried to convince us it is simple.

No more lofty, untainted ideals, no more shutting down opposing arguments with a single word, no more simplism. If we’re to save ourselves from this political maelstrom we need to put down our tribal weapons, step into the messy middle and relearn to trust the people we choose to represent us.

On the day I lost all hope, that’s all I have left to say.

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